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Hey, I'm Anna 17 years old and recovering from anorexia, this is my outlet to post stuff which i find cool, message me if ya wanna chat, luv ya! xxx


The problem with trying to explain an eating disorder to someone that has never encountered the daily torture that is one, is that an eating disorder is not logical. It goes against every fibre of ones common sense, ones rationale and it simply does not make sense.

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"Having an eating disorder is like being unable to stop touching a hot stove. You get burned over and over again, and yet, your brain continues to tell you to touch the red hot surface, even after your hand is blistered and destroyed. People look at you like you’re crazy, because they will never understand why you do it, because they know it’s completely illogical, but are powerless to stop you. And when you put your hand on the stove and hear the sizzle of your skin melting and the smell of flesh burning, you take your hand back and cry. You put it under cold water to sooth it, but the water dripping down your hand doesn’t stop the tears dripping down your face, because you know it will only be time before you touch the stove again."
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I made some pots! sorry I have serious pot pride right now and had to show u guys xx

I was having an utterly horrific body image day today, sitting in the car most of the day really didn’t help but now I’m feeling slightly better and I’m laughing at Miranda, I love that show, it makes me giggle!

Slightly random but yeah, i kinda liked my outfit today so i figured i’d take a pic :) Hope you’re all do well lovelies! xxx
Haha I got bored, sorry!


food for thought: you literally need food for thought

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